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That Shit Hurt: A series Pt. 1

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The second worst heartbreak of my life.

Not all soulmates are lovers. Sometimes you intertwine your soul with family members or friends. For me, she was my childhood best friend with a heart full of love and the weight of the world on her shoulders. I could so vividly imagine us as two grannies sitting in rocking chairs on a porch recounting our adventures as kids. I found peace in her presence and could bear the darkest parts of my soul to her. It was the type of bond you felt so utterly secure that it would be the right decision to get matching tattoos at 19.

After all, we'd be together forever, right?

On our sides, forever bonded by Michael Angelo's, Creation of Adam, which is his depiction of god breathing life into the first human being. It was supposed to be symbolic of the fact that she breathed life into me. I didn't call her my best friend. I called her my family.

Until one day, she wasn't anymore. And that shit fucking hurt.

Let me begin by saying the demise of my friendship was my own fault. It had actually been my intention at the time. So if you're here because you're expecting a Gossip Girl level wrath post about my ex-best friend, you're in the wrong place. Even now, I only speak of her with honey and sugar on my tongue.

This story is for anyone who, through whatever personal pain in their heart, acted in self destructive ways that alienated the people closest to them. This story is for the person who has made mistakes that they can't forgive themselves for. This story is for anyone who bears the weight of the monsters lurking within them.

To be continued....

Always with love,

Audacious Fool


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