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They say infinite versions of you exist somewhere in someone’s memory. The version of you crying yourself to sleep exists somewhere. The version of you running around in a field with your friends still exists somewhere. The version of you smoking a cigarette in an alleyway still exists somewhere. All parts of you actively exist somewhere in someone’s memory. To deny any of your past selves is to deny yourself. 


So don’t ask me about my name, profession or age. Those aren’t a real representation of all the delicate and beautiful intricacies that make up a person. If we’re going to do this right, I want you to know every deep and dark crevice of my mind. Ask me what the worst thing I’ve ever done is. Ask me if I think the universe fights for souls to be together.

Ask me if I think I’ll fall in love again. Help me reconnect with the most intimate parts of myself.

Everything you want to know about me, you’ll find in my writing. Beyond that, you can create your own version of who I am and what

my story is. 


Always with love,


Audacious fool


Full disclosure: curiosity IS my fatal flaw. Tell me what your most dominant memory of me is. Tell me how I exist in your mind. I will be featuring submissions on this page as my readers and I grow together.

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